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Wed love the chance to tell you more about this exciting initiative so were attending several community events this fall to chat with as many people as we can.. If you are hosting a meeting or event and would like us to attend so you can join the Intelligent YQL movement, contact!
Chinook High School has a robotics team that competed at the First Robotics National Championships in St. Louis.

Lethbridge Intelligent Community Strategy

With the help of the community and many stakeholders, we have created a robust strategy to guide our Intelligent Community Journey! We have captured this information within 11 categories highlighted below. Click on a category to read the goal statements, and click one step further to view the objectives and action items that will keep moving Lethbridge in the direction of a positive, vibrant Intelligent Community. 

Lethbridge creates favourable conditions for entrepreneurs.

View the Entrepreneurship Roadmap.

Creativity and Innovation
Lethbridge is a creative, inclusive and innovative community.

View the Creativity and Innovation Roadmap.

Skills and Literacy
Lethbridge increases skills and literacy needed in an intelligent community.

View the Skills and Literacy Roadmap.

Equitable and Affordable Access
There is equitable, safe and affordable access to the resources of an intelligent community.

View the Equitable and Affordable Access Roadmap.

Goals and Benefits
Stakeholders understand the goals and benefits.

View the Goals and Benefits Roadmap.

There is a shared vision and strong leadership.

View the Leadership Roadmap.

Cross-sector partnerships are created.

View the Partnerships Roadmap.

There is broad community collaboration.

View the Collaboration Roadmap.

Pervasive, high-performing and cost-effective communications infrastructure connects the community and links it to the region and the world.

View the Infrastructure Roadmap.

Data and information are widely shared and disseminated.

View the Data Roadmap.

Applications are developed to meet community needs.

View the Applications Roadmap.

To view the Intelligent Community Strategy Roadmap click here.

Interested in learning more or joining an action team?
Contact Jaylene Ulmer at 403.331.0022 or