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We’d love the chance to tell you more about this exciting initiative so we’re attending several community events this fall to chat with as many people as we can.. If you are hosting a meeting or event and would like us to attend so you can join the Intelligent YQL movement, contact!
The community of Sunridge utilizes solar power in its park to increase sustainability.

Intelligent Community Benefits

By working together to achieve a common goal, we know we can continue to build and sustain a great community that benefits our businesses, students, seniors and residents. We also know that the attributes that make a great community will be different for everyone. Click on one of the four categories below to see SOME of the examples of how YOU may benefit from this initiative. 

  • Places of learning are more connected providing enhanced opportunities that are flexible and accessible
  • Lethbridge learning institutions build international relationships attracting international students
  • People acquire essential work and life skills
  • New job opportunities are created in the technology sector
  • Lethbridge offers diversified quality job opportunities strengthening the economy
  • Rural communities are more connected increasing sense of community
  • There are more opportunities to practice creativity retaining current talent in Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge businesses and industries are more technologically connected increasing their ability to access important data, find suppliers, and more
  • Online resources can be used for employee development and improve business practices
  • Supply chains will be more efficient with online access
  • Businesses are better able to reach out to customers and new markets can be accessed
  • Lethbridge attracts and retains skilled people
  • Businesses can become home based increasing business growth and investment
  • Lethbridge’s technology sector has access to the infrastructure, skills and resources of an Intelligent Community creating new business opportunities
  • Lethbridge industries are more successful and sustainable creating more quality job opportunities
  • Rural communities are more connected increasing sense of community
  • People in Lethbridge and the region are more connected, informed and engaged to their community and city as a whole increasing quality of life
  • Lethbridge’s arts, culture, sports and recreation organizations are more connected allowing enhanced effectiveness in promoting creative and community events
  • There is an increased participation in creative and community events increasing physical and mental wellness allowing people to reach their full potential
  • People are more committed to their community decreasing crime rates
  • Homes are more technologically connected
  • No neighbourhoods are disadvantaged which ensures vibrant neighborhoods throughout the city
  • Citizens are informed of community challenges, choices and decisions
  • People are better able to voice their needs and opinions
  • Community organizations are more connected allowing better service to the public
  • There is greater awareness of available services and more community services can be provided
  • Volunteerism increases
  • People in Lethbridge and the region are more connected, informed and engaged through the use of online resources
  • Improved road safety with increased data which can be shared and assist drivers
  • Environmental quality can be managed more effectively increasing sustainability
  • The community fabric is stronger enhancing quality of life
  • Disadvantaged youth can connect to the community increasing social connectedness enhancing quality of life
  • More seniors can age at home meaning less stress on the health system and a better quality of life for seniors
  • Barriers to accessing services are reduced allowing individuals to access the services they need
  • People are safer and more secure in their home and community
  • People can use information to improve their quality of life
  • Social connection in the community is increased increasing everyone’s quality of life

To view the Intelligent Community Strategy Roadmap click here.

Interested in learning more or joining an action team?
Contact Jaylene Ulmer at 403.331.0022 or